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The BIGS Roster Updates

How to Use Roster Updates

Using Updates

This will explain how to load your updates in the BIGS.

How To Save:

When you download an update it will be in the form of a .zip file.
Extract the .zip file.
Open the extracted file.
Inside the extracted file there will be a folder called "the BIGS Roster Update"
Open that folder and you will find a file called "private"
Insert a SanDisk (SD) card into your computer and save the "private" folder to it.

How To Load:

Insert the SD card into the SanDisk slot in the front of your Wii.
Start the BIGS game.
When at the title of the BIGS go to:

Then to Manage Rosters
And finally to Load Rosters.

Here you can load the roster save file from the SD card.

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